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2 Protesters Murdered by Police in Lima Perú, Live Ammo, Widespread Protest, 3 Presidents in 1 Week

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 Mid-November 2020: While it is difficult to say that Peru has a President at the time of this writing, it does have an Attorney General who is said to be investigating the deaths of 2 student protesters by the police this past weekend. The students were protesting against the government of Manuel Merino, who has now resigned after only a few days in the office. following the destitution by Peru’s Congress of the previous president Martin Vizcarra. Protesting for Democracy, protest in the streets, has clearly become one prominent mechanism of social and political change in Peru, as elsewhere. The Peruvian street is where one's vote is most authentic. Currently, the protests are called ¨the largest in decades.¨

Inti Sotelo and Jack Pintado have now become martyrs, paying with their lives, both taken out by live ammunition fired by police officers. The response of Lima - and increasingly other cities as well - is resistance to the police brutality - which is in the air these days and Lima appears to have received its share just recently. In fact, investigations are bringing up chatter about a ¨chain of command¨ involved in the assassinations. In addition to these murders or extrajudicial killings by the police, the principal Human Rights group of the country also lists a total of 114 individual injured in the disturbances and 41 disappeared.


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