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Lebanese women on the front line of social change since 2019

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 Since September of 2019, the first major protest to take hold in the Middle East, Lebanon is a protest example and a leader in a struggle in which women consistently play a leading role, giving rise to greater recognition and respect for their autonomy and capacity and soldiers in the push for greater social change. In today’s Lebanon, megaphones and belly dance work together to get the message across, solidify support, motivate and inspire, serving to intensify the fight against corruption and the push to replace not only the Prime Minister who already resigned but, also the entire, sectarian political establishment.

Often, women are on the front lines to help protect the male protesters from police brutality, since beating a woman with billy club is a rather different matter, although that might be changing now that the protests are becoming increasingly violent as they wear on, both sides growing more desperate with each passing day.


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