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The Lion of Iraq joins protests to curb the brutality of police dogs used against protestors.

Updated: Jul 11, 2023, 2019: The lion is said to have scared off the police dogs, as was its purpose. It appears to be a pet lion, quite tame, put on display wearing an Iraqi flag, principally if not exclusively for the purpose of taking the video. The 2019 Iraq Protests are a series of demonstrations that began on October 1st, 2019, in Baghdad and other cities in Iraq. The protests are fueled by widespread anger over government corruption, lack of economic opportunities, and poor public services. documents the events as they unfold, bringing together videos, photos, and stories from the protesters themselves. We invite you to join us in standing in solidarity with the protesters, and to take part in the discussion of the current events. We believe in the power of the collective voice and the purpose of truth-telling. Our goal is to make sure that the stories of the people in Iraq are heard.

The Iraq protests are a peaceful movement of Iraqis demanding social change. Despite the violence and chaos that has been inflicted upon them, they continue to persevere in their pursuit of freedom and justice. One of the symbols of the movement is a lion. This symbolizes the strength of the protesters and is a reminder of their courage and bravery in the face of immense adversity. Nevertheless, the presence of a lion at a protest, or at least close to a protest with police dogs is a very powerful symbol. It speaks to the strength and bravery of the protestors in Iraq, where hundreds have been killed for seeking social change, at least some of them by police dogs.


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