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When Tear Gas Cluster Bombs Meet Coronavirus: Black Lives and White Allies Coughing it up Together

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 June 2020: Billowing clouds of tear gas are provoking sometimes severe respiratory responses in protesters of police brutality - of all colors, across the country, -coughing their lungs out in public in large numbers. Across most of the USA’s major cities, just coming off of restrictions implemented to curb the spread of COVID-19, these conditions are contributing to an increasing spike in coronavirus infections and deaths. Police brutality, especially as expressed by indiscriminate and massive tear-gas-cluster-bomb attacks against peaceful protesters, is exacerbating the tragedy and the profound irony found in the racial disparity of death in America. Death by the numbers along color lines existed well before COVID-19; but the fact that police are pepper-spraying black people and their allies, in particular, in the street, public space, peacefully protesting. Is this a wise policy during a new spike in an already most viral pandemic? Given that the virus will kill more black people and their allies than the pepper spray, one is left to wonder if that is not at least part of the political strategy or intent of those responsible for this deadly violence.


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