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Protest Climate Change Inaction in India!

India’s President Modi is working hard to enhance Hindu nationalism at the expense of Muslim Indians. He has spearheaded the construction of a Hindu temple on a contested site that was once home to a mosque, revoked the autonomous status of Muslim areas of the country, and has established a citizenship registry that discriminated against Muslims. This has sparked widespread resistance and protests that have already claimed the lives of dozens of protestors along with countless injured as a result of brutal police repression. The protests that broke out in Muslim majority areas of India during the last month of 2019 added India to the top ranks of nations embroiled in massive protest at the beginning of 2020.

India is also rapidly joining the top echelon of countries where protests are taking place against climate change. While India’s anti-climate-change protests are still fledgling, the millennials of the country, in particular, are coming on board, especially in New Delhi but also other major cities. Recently, hundreds of protestors marched to the Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change to voice their concerns until they were broken up by police. There was much rejoicing until the tear gas was launched. India’s protestors face an especially brutal response and are much in need for the future of adopting the advanced tactics of the day now being pioneered in Hong Kong and other hot spots on the globe, all of us fighting to save the planet together. India is an especially critical component of this struggle given the fact that it is projected to overtake China by mid-century as the most populous country on earth; and like China, one of the foremost polluters of our planetary home.

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