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Save the Planet!

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veterans standing rock protest
Standing Rock Legal Struggle
protest piplines jail time
protect water protest
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indigenous sovereignty dakota pipleline
cold protest snow dakota pipeline
dakota acces injunction
DAPL Dakota Access Pipeline protest
defend the sacred standing rock

Beginning in 2016, on indigenous Reservation Land in Standing Rock South Dakota, indigenous people and their allies protested to stop the Keystone Pipeline pass through their land. Law enforcement organized repeated rounds of mass arrests and filed a wide array of serious charges in local and federal courts against activists. Police also deployed water cannons, teargas grenades, bean bag rounds and other weapons, causing serious injuries to several protesters and minor injuries to many.

The struggle at Standing Rock has served as a foundational experience linking indigenous and climate rights in the same struggle, preparing the way for American{s to distinguish itself as active protestors of the violation of indignous peoples and our planetary home at the same time.

Extinction Rebellion USA

there is no planet B
love your mother climate change protest.
climate change protest USA save planet
women against climate change
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student climate strike
student protest against climate change
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raise voice not sea level
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