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Thousands Say Goodbye to Mya Thwe Thwe Khine, one of the first students killed by police in Myanmar

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 3/7/2021 Now, since the death of Mya nearly a week ago, the protests continue despite the fact that dozens of protesters have been gunned down in the few days since Mya died. The security forces seem oblivious to international condemnation as they now routinely use live ammunition to intentionally kill people in an effort to instill fear and thereby stop the dissent to their iron fisted rule. The example of Mya Thwe Thwe Khaing has inspired many. Rest in Power!

Mya was laid to rest to the sound of Amazing Grace, Rest in Power is the slogan that her followers use to honor her, assuage their grief, and animate the movement that Mya was part of, the Anti-Coup protest movement. She was killed in Yangoon. American influence is clearly present, especially by telling Mya, ¨Rest in Power,¨ one thinks immediately of Black Lives Matter. One might even think in terms of a global, 'Rest in Power' movement, of which, now, Mya, who was 20 years old before a bullet in the face ended her life, is one of the leading martyrs, especially in the Asian theater and particularly for the Anti-Coup movement in Myanmar.

The 3-finger salute for the anti-coup movement is the same as in Thailand, where young people are also seeking to overthrow a military dictatorship. Originally, it was taken from the TV show the Hunger Games.


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