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Will Our Children Survive Climate Change?

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 February 2020, one year ago, my son David Dylan Edinger at a Climate Change Protest in our central plaza, Cochabamba, Bolivia,'Parque 14 Septiembre', the exact center of South America. Note the agile young lady balancing herself on two blocks of ice.

I have long wondered if my son will survive climate change. If he has children, will they survive? It is my hope that this web site will make an impression on him and he will become active in the struggle to save the planet as he grows and comes to better undertstand the complex nature of the almost intractable challenges that we face.

Do you have children or grandchildren that you are concerned for with respect to their future, if they will have a future, if they will have children who will have a future? Please log in to our web site and share with us how you feel!


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