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Protest Climate Change Inaction in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong's protests began in June of 2019 and show no sign of letting up; the initial trigger was legislation that would allow for the extradition of Hong Kong’s citizens to mainland China to be tried in a Communist Chinese court of law. Hong Kong’s people rose up in revolt, to protect their sovereignty, their home, their lives, property, prosperity, and future. The young people of Hong Kong, in particular, feel that they have no other choice than to protest the domination of mainland China, so as to have a future for themselves and their children.

Until 1997, Hong Kong had been ruled by Britain as a colony for decades; but at that time it was returned to China under what came to be referred to as "one country, two systems" granting the Chinese people of Hong Kong much more autonomy and rights than their counterparts in mainland China. The protests are a result of the Hong Kong people very much feeling that those historical and legal rights are under threat. Essentially, most people in Hong Kong fear a Chinese takeover of their society that will leave them with little to nothing more than the few rights and freedoms enjoyed by their Chinese counterparts in mainland China. Towards the end of 2019, matters became further complicated by the expression of support for the protesters by the government of the USA, China’s principal rival on the world stage.

Knock down drag out fights between police and protesters are becoming increasingly frequent as well as violent. Police now fire live bullets and protesters attack the police with petrol bombs, arrows, rocks, about anything that they can get their hands on without resorting to firearms.