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October of 2019 saw one of the largest public demonstrations in British history, drawing a crowd estimated at approximately one million marched outside parliament to demand MPs grant them a fresh referendum on Brexit.The crowd assembled in Parliament Square was led by the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan with protestors gathering from all corners of the old empire and including many European nationals living in England. The protests also included a group of pro-Catalan independence protesters.

Khan emphasized in his speech the important contribution of EU citizens to making London a great city. It is said that the size of this basically anti-Brexit march was the second largest in British history, surpassed only by the march in protest of the Iraq War, which was estimated to have 1.5 million in attendance. Smaller yet less peaceful protests followed the election results and the landslide victory of the political right.

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The previous month, September of 2019, saw the largest climate change protests in history, to date, in London, with smaller protests taking place in many locations throughout the UK. Between 300 and 350 thousand people joined the protests to call attention to the need to address climate change, with more than 200 demonstrations across the United Kingdom.

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