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Write, Publish and Update your own Protest Blog!Support Your Favorite Cause Online, Protest Injustice and the Destruction of our Planetary Home!

My name is Robert Edinger, PHD Religion, the University of Southern California, 1995, with my son David at our home in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Christmas, 2019. Both born in the USA, my son and I are now permanent denizens of Bolivia where we reside in Cochabamba, the country's third city, at the exact center of South America. I have built this and other websites to leave to David as an inheritance, a legacy. Creating also serves as a way for me to fulfill my own sense of destiny, a spiritual path for me and my son, for lifelong education into the global realities and challenges that surround us, as human beings and custodians of the planet and its life support systems. It is my hope that my son will always be sympathetic to protesters or tend in that direction himself, and keep this web site up and around for at least several decades to come. Protest is something that we will always share and treasure. Justice denied is justice extringuished, the time is now.

Dr Robert Edinger with Son David
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