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100 Days and Nights of Protest for Racial Justice, Against Police Brutality in Portland, Oregon, BLM

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 It is now being suggested with increasing frequency that Black Lives Matter is shaping up to be the largest, longest, and most influenctial social movement in US history. I number of factors are pointed to when arguments like this area made, and 100 consecutive days and nights of protest in Portland is one of those realities that rightfully receive a lot of attention. Seattle has also been at the forefront along with a number of other US cities that have seen many thousand of protesters in the streets and a high level of support for BLM, Detroit, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, just to name a few of the most prominent. Nowwhere has quite compared with the consistent, feroious, determined resistence show by the protests skirmishing with police, often state and especially federal in addition to local law enforement - fighting head to toe against teargas, stun grenades, and billy clubs using leaf blowers, umbrellas, and shields.


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