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Thousands of Protesters Tortured in Belarus. Pro-Putin Lukashenko Clings to Power 26 Years by Fraud.

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 Mid-August, 2020

Sunday 9 August, elections clearly stolen by the dictator Lukashenko of Belarus, in power for 26 years, the people are hungry for change and authentic democracy. At right, protesters burn the flag of Lukashenko´s political party. Protests have met with swift and deadly force. The people of Belarus are angrily protesting the results of presidential elections that gave the dictator some 80% of the vote - clearly fraudulent results since the dictator´s popularity has been dropping for several years. Live ammunition is being used, dozens if not hundreds killed, thousands more jailed and tortured. The wounded are rapidly filling up the hospitals across the country, especially in Minsk. Many people are demanding some word from or about their son or daughter. Putin, of course, supports the violent crackdown on protests against his dictatorial protoge. The European Union is attempting to negotiate with the dictator, to convince him to allow greater progress towards democracy and respect for human rights.

The protesters show no sign of backing down so far, especially since women have moved to the forefront of the protest marches, especially concerned about the fate of their sons, daughters, husbands, and other family members that have been taken by security forces.

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