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Every 3O Minutes a Farmer in India Commits Suicide.

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 With the new economic “reforms” implemented by President Modi, things are likely to just get worse. Tens of thousands of farmers have taken to the streets , the biggest such protest in years as they fear new laws will leave them at the mercy of corporates! For they may survive the corona but how will they survive this cruel law taking away their bread and butter, leaving them on the fringes of poverty far worse than before !

Let’s all join in to support them !

A poem dedicated to them !

~ Farmers suicide : in my noose to kill ************** In his eye I saw a world Looking for a word of care and love In which beauty sinks In which love is at its brink In tears of eyes writ in love In a love begging for love For I am a farmer in my own right Caring tender in my world full of strife To fill you in your fill of food clothe and all needs of life To grow your wheat for you In your need to draw in you Growing food as my right In my cotton so soft and white In the yarn so beautifully spun In you to dress your life

The food on your table I bring to you In my blood I drink to you Tasting my blood it spills in you In my blood of you

In you rests my life In my life rests your life Then why do you treat me like dirt In my dust kill me in the very dust In which I sprinkle my love In the heat and sunshine of love Gruelling in my sweat in the love of our earth In its love sowing my love In the saplings of love Tendering my love in crops for you Farmers suicide in it writ in your love To kill me with your love Hang me to death instead Kill me

I am the one who gives you life sustains your life

Yet I live undressed distressed within myself how many sufferings in me to count As I walk alone in this journey of life Empty Struggling within me in tears that have now dried In a life unheard before it ends my life Hear me give me a voice

Or else Hang me to death Hang me for life

In my woe as I turn to you

in ‘you ‘ Kill me

in you ‘Your ‘life