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Lethal Force Against Refugees in Central America, Thanks for Sharing Cathy Pilar McNamara

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 thanks Cathy Pilar McNamara for pointing out what has been totally absent from the extensive coverage of this even by the mainstream press. As Cathy suggests, while migrant caravans originating in Central America have existed for a long time, this last one, especially large and notable, is different from its predecessors insofar as it comes on the heels of 2 back-to-back hurricanes and widespread crop failure, making migration a life or death issue.

¨Crop failure and hit by 2 hurricanes. Climate refugees¨ Cathy Pilar McNamara condems the tactics used against climate refugees from Honduras, fleeing the effects of climate change, unprecedented hurricanes accompanied by crop failure. These people are made up mostly of innocent, hard-working families, mothers of small children who are being gassed and beaten by security forces because they are fleeing a nearly certain death in their place of origin. These individuals are not the last of a long line of economic refugees fleeing north from Central America, they represent perhaps the first group of authentic 'climate refugees' from Central America; they will not be the last. Needless to say, until we recongize this, we will not be able to take adequate measures to address the issue.