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Iran Protests 8 Months On - Where do Women Stand?

June 2023

Mahsa Amini Protest Women in Iran, Iranian Women
Mahsa Amini, Murdered in the Custody of Iran's Morality Police in September 2020, Say Her Name!

Since the death of Mahsa Amini at the hands of Iran's morality police in September 2022, the Iranian people have risen in protest, demanding justice and an end to dictatorial religious oppression. Protests since Amini's death have been the largest and most widespread the Islamic Republic has seen since the 1979 revolution. The movement has been a beacon of hope for many, showing that despite the oppressive and authoritarian regime, the people have a voice and will not be silenced. Recent protests in Iran have been a cause of concern for many around the world. After Mahsa Amini’s death in police custody, an unprecedented wave of demonstrations broke out in Iran and lasted for many months, tapering off only gradually in the face of repression, murder, torture, and execution of protestors, many of them schoolchildren. The demonstrations have calmed down in recent weeks.

The uprising has been a reminder of the power of collective action and the courage to speak out for what is right. Despite fewer and smaller demonstrations, the spirit of the protests will live on in the hearts of the people and the message of justice and freedom will continue to be heard. The protests have brought to light the stories of the Iranian people and their struggle to fight for their rights. They have also highlighted the importance of peaceful activism and its power to spark change. stands with the people of Iran in their fight for justice and basic human rights.

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Iran Protest 2023, Women Protest the Hijab, Solidarity with Mahsa Amini

Massive protests have occurred periodically in Iran for decades, with the most recent being the most vocal with the highest number of victims. They are a testament to the strength of Iranian women and their determination to make a change in their lives and the lives of their families. Most women in Iran want regime change. Although that has not yet happened, it is clear from listening to Iranian women at home and abroad that this is what the vast majority want.

We strive to provide a platform for women in Iran to voice their stories and experiences. We feature articles, interviews, videos, and more from those living in Iran and those abroad, to help provide a better understanding of the situation in the country. We also strive to create a safe space for women to share their stories and experiences to help spread awareness of the situation and encourage change.

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Iranian Protests 2022, Women and their Allies Demand Freedom from Oppresion

The protests in Iran over the past year have been an incredible display of courage and determination. People from all levels of society have come out in full force to peacefully protest the oppressive regime that has been in place for decades. From the re-emergence of the Women’s Movement to the rise of the youth, Iranians have demonstrated their resilience in the face of injustice. The protests have also brought to light several issues that were previously hidden from the public. For example, the issue of the Hijab has been pushed aside as many more women appear without it and are no longer afraid of the police. Interestingly, this is taking place across all sections of society including religious families as well. Some Iranian women have been seen posting before and after photos on social media of their statuses.

The current rebellion in Iran is an ongoing reminder to the world that oppression will not be accepted, and that this movement is not going away any time soon. Some religious parents fear this change could make their daughters more rebellious. Nevertheless, since the beginning of the revolution, new levels of self-confidence have emerged among young girls, fighting for rights that they have been denied for four decades. Many women ride bikes in Iran, which is not illegal, partly in response to being denied driver's licenses for almost a half-century.

Iran Protest Against the Hijab
#WhiteWednesdays in Iran

Protests in Iran represent a unique form of grassroots activism that has been gradually developing since 1979. From the early days of the Islamic Republic to the present day, the bravery of the Iranian people has been remarkable. Women have been at the forefront of the protests, fighting for their rights and for a better life for their families. In recent years, Iranian women have become increasingly vocal in their demands for freedom and equality. The #WhiteWednesdays movement has been a particularly inspiring example of the power of peaceful protest.

So far, the freedom movement has not yet won the war, but it has been victorious in some key battles against the Islamic Republic. Things are changing for Iranian women thanks to their bravery and courage. We hope that the Iranian people will continue to fight for a better future and for a free and just society.

The Iranian people are determined to achieve freedom, democracy, and human rights. They are rallying together to stand up against the oppressive and authoritarian regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The women leading the protests are bravely and courageously putting themselves at risk as they challenge the laws and regulations imposed on them by the government. They are fighting for their rights and for the rights of all Iranian citizens. The freedom movement has been gaining momentum and inspiring many to join in the fight for justice and freedom. Things are changing for Iranian women thanks to their bravery and courage.

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Iranian Woman Protestor #WhiteWednesdays

The movement has been met with resistance from the Iranian government, with authorities using tear gas and violence to quash the protests. However, the bravery of the women involved has been a source of inspiration to many and has helped to bring attention to the struggle for freedom and equality in Iran. The protests in Iran are a movement for freedom and justice, centering around the fight for women’s rights. It is a movement that has been ongoing at least since 2018 and has seen many brave women taking a stand against oppressive laws and regulations. This movement has been built on resilience, with protesters finding creative ways to express their demands for reform.