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Paint as Weapon Against the Police in Bangkok, Royal Academy Drenched in Color, Quickly Painted Over

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 11/18/2020 The culmination of 5 months of pro-democracy protest in Thailand, especially Bangkok, the size and determination of crowds regularly increasing. Angered by the government's rejection of a constitutional reform proposal - a key demand of protesters - and police violence, demonstrators hurled buckets of paint and sprayed graffiti on the Royal Thai Police headquarters' building facade. In the image above of the Queen mother, it is interesting to note that her image was not defaced, only the pedastal upon which it rests, suggesting a certain ambivalence among the protesters themselves as to the extent to which the monarchy should be revered.

This image is my favorite one of the incident, the way in which the police hastily painted over the work of the protesters in white, by next morning. I appears that they did only a half-hearted job intentionally, knowing full well that the protesters would soon return with more paint. Morale must be low among the police.