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World Wide Protest Blogs, Meeting, Communcating, Learning from Each Other, Sharing our Understanding

World Wide Protest Blogs, Meeting, Communcating, Learning from Each Other, Sharing our Understanding

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Climate Change activists are losing patience, and in search of increasingly creative and sometimes desperate measures to raise consciousness about how very deeply in trouble our planet really is, and the misery that is in store for us, our children, and our grandchildren unless we take very deep, painful, radical steps very soon. Everyone must do their part, making a concerted effort to influence the members of their communities to do all that is necessary to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Especially since Hong Kong in the Spring of 2019, the largest civil protests in history have been sweeping over vast sections of the globe. Hong Kong people, in particular, have stood at the forefront of global struggle for human rights - until they were all but quashed by their Communist rulers from mainland China. Since 2019, climate change issues and protests have heated up, and worldwide protests for and against measures taken to deal with COVID.19 have also attracted a lot of attention. Then, in 2020, there was George Floyd.


People are at war in the streets demanding their human dignity, egual justice, and equal treatment across gender, racial, and economic lines. This year, 2021, began with right-wing protestors violently taking over the US Capitol Building, and has seen anti-racism protests continue across the globe, nurtured by the devastation and misery resulting from COVID-19 Soon, we will begin to see novel forms, strategies, and occurances that result from the intense determination of climate change activists, willing to risk anything to save life itself.

While not nearly as bloody as protests in other parts of the world - Iraq for example, with many hundreds of demonstrators killed by security forces, or Iran where the number killed on the street or taken prisoner is not public information – Hong Kong is lead the way in terms of media coverage, political influence, and the creative methods and strategies used by protestors, much of it taken from the Art of War.

The stakes for the entire world have been enormous in Hong Kong, with the expansion, hegemony, and systemic human rights abuses of the Chinese Communist Monster hanging in the balance. Protestors around the world learned from the Hong Kong protestors and followed their example across broad sections of not only Latin America, but also the Middle East. In both of these areas, most notably, first Chile and then Lebanon, the fight was for greater levels of equality and a total restructuring of government, calling for greater democracy, inclusion, political participation, meritocracy, and an end to corruption and human rights abuses. We at salute these developments, as we see them as paving the way for greater respect for human dignity in a volatile and rapidly evolving social order moving in directions that are difficult to predict, largely determined by events on the ground, especially protests.


Most recently, we at ProtestBlog,org have been paying close attention to Myanmar and Colombia. In Myanmar, protestors are cearly the good guys in almost anyone's judgement, with world opinion behind them, which has much to do with why Myanmar is rapidly turning into a full blown civil war, with protesters joining a variety of guerrilla forces. While not threatend with civil war, the sustained nature of protest in Colombia, more then two months at the time of this writing, is unprecedented, many commentators see this as the beginning of a New Latin Spring.

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