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Chinese Communists Crack the Whip in Hong Kong, Hundreds Arrested, Threatened with Life in Prison

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 07/2020: In the first days of July, the CCP passed and began immediately implementing a new security law that makes advocating secession or resistence to CCP authority subject to life in prison. The puppet President of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, is fine with this, since, in her words, this will only adversely effect a small minority of Hong Kong people.

While Congress has imposed sanctions on those CCP officials most directly responsible, Trump has done little to nothing to support Hong Kong protesters, especially in any direct or tangible fashion which might help save many lives of the bravest and most idealistic among Hong Kong youth. As usual, the President is more concerned with re-election issues, how to look sexy without a mask, and denying that he knew that Russian had placed a bounty on American lives in Afghanistan.

What needs to be done form our perspective is for the USA to lift a play from the playbook of from Putin's Russia, and put a bounty on the heads of those CCP officials arresting people clamoring for their independence in Hong Kong. At least in theory, anyone who so much as wears a t-shirt with the words "free hong kong" can go to jail for life. This is unacceptable and will meet with a great deal of resistence, the likes of which the CCP - or anyone else - is unable to forsee.


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