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102 Years of the Anti-Mask League, Trump Rallies to Protect Confederate Monuments on July 4

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 July 4, 2020. The almost complete absence of masks at the Mount Rushmore July 4 bash, suggests that some people believe Trump, that the virus has all but disappeared. The Americans gathered together to militate for adding Trump’s head to Mt. Rushmore (with the money not spent on the wall to separate us from Mexican rapists) – are the true patriots.

Obviously, true patriots do not wear masks, not even with the deadliest (by far) pandemic in more than a century exploding among and around all of us. Clearly, for these people, the re-election of Trump is more important than the survival of millions of our older and weaker citizens.

It is somewhat ironic that just over one century ago, the epicenter of the resistance to masks was in San Francisco, generated by the rugged children and grandchildren of those iconic Americans who flocked to California more than a half-century prior, to search for gold. A century ago, San Franciscans were not gay socialists, but hardy, individualist pioneers who had carved out their own piece of history and bloodied their hands doing so. At least in their own minds, they were much like the Anti-Mask League led by Trump today, don’t tread on me being the central idea, not even for public health reasons and not even in a pandemic. We will see who blinks first, Trump’s re-election concerns or the virus.