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Statue of Liberty Beheaded, America Closed to Asylum Seekers, 7-2 Supreme Court Vote

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Late June 2020: Send no more huddled masses to America, no more victims of torture at the hands of their dictatorial governments! Christian, Muslim, Jew, Holocaust victim, matters not, the door is closed. Trump won perhaps the most resounding victory of his presidency at the end of June. Especially when one considers the breadth of his margin of victory, with only 2 justices dissenting. Trump now has the full authority to simply deport all asylum seekers to their country of origin, no day in court, no hearing held, just handcuffs and a plane ride back to what is for many almost certain torture and death.

Clearly, this stands in violation of cherished principals found in the constitution that guarantee everyone their day in court, even asylum seekers. These are indeed darks days that we are entering in America. Admiration for America’s asylum policy was one of the principal motivating factors for the gift of the statue of liberty made by France, for generations a hallmark feature of what Americans are most proud, their historic openness to and solidarity with the rest of the world beyond their shores.


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