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America Paralyzed by Fear, Disease, and Protest, Armed, Lockdown Resistance across the USA

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 The guns are prominent in this picture, the point is made and taken, and while this, Michigan, is the first out of the gate, movements against the lockdown, armed movements, are springing up across the country, with Texas, Ohio, and Virginia not far behind Michigan. The movements want the lockdowns ended, quarentine lifted, America back to work, now.

Perhaps was is most singular about the case of Michigan is the political nature of the protest directed against the Democratic "regime" of Governor Gretchen Whitmer. With America's Bernie Bros retreating from the public forum with each saving his or herself online in our new era of calamity, prospects for a prosperous, healthy, happy, and tranquil USA in the 2020s look rather bleak. American's are beginning to realize that we are now living through something the resolution of which is going to have a profound impact on the balance of our lives. I wonder about the long term ramifications of this disease for socialized, community medicine and public health. Dark clouds loom on the horizen for the world, and good old America is not exception what so ever. America could easily turn into the epi-center not only of COVID-19, but also the violence that it -- and the measures taken against it -- are generating worldwide.

Thousands Protest in Michigan, mostly in their cars. Honk for Freedom the rallying cry and the death toll in both Michigan and the USA continues to rise, killing people of all ages.

The cynic among us would point to the fact that the virus is killing black people in radically disproportionate numbers, especially in Michigan, as a factor to be taken into consideration. Do you think these people need to readjust their priorities. What do you think? Please log in and comment!


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