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Lukashenko/Putin, Security Forces in Tense Standoff with 100,000 k+ Protesters in Minsk, Belarus

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 The dictator has flooded the streets of Blarus capital city, Minsk, with large cordons of riot police facing off against long lines of very determined protesters who often stand their Carrying balloons, flowers and red-and-white opposition flags. While the atmosphere has generally been jovial over the coure of the last few Sundays since their protests have been taking place. Now, however, in larger numbers with more dour expressions, the police seem bent on putting a damper on the gay atomosphere. Many streets were blocked off by police to try to prevent people reaching the main protest areas. One large group of protesters marched towards Mr Lukashenko's residence at the Independence Palace, which was heavily protected by riot police and water cannon vehicles. Armoured personnel carriers were seen moving in the area, although reports later said they were also seen leaving and that the crowds were dispersing largely peacefully. Other smaller protests were reported in towns such as Brest and Grodno. The numbers of those arrested across the country are mounting into many hundreds with protesters held for weeks at a time. The rights of journalists increasingly fail to be respected and tensions and tempers flare.

Women have been especially influential in the struggle to free political prisoners, of their husbands, brothers, and sons, who all too often have to endure weeks of abysmal conditions coupled to torture.

Belarusian Photojournalists on the Women in White