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Melania Trump Burned in Effigy, then Bronzed, in her Home Town in Slovenia, February 2021

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 February 25, 2021, Melania Trump now stands in bronze in her home town after vandals badly burned her in effigy last July when they toasted a wooden statue that had been placed in her home town by an artist, with her likeness in wood as shown above. This group of local people gathered after this statue was vandalized by unknown attackers who most surmise dislike her husband and by extension what they both stand for, or perhaps fail to stand for, at least some kind of decency and fairness. Anyway, people where distressed by her burned out surfaces.

Shortly thereafter, she was returned to her pedastal in bronze, which one assumes would be much more difficult to destroy.

Hopefully, America's recently deposed beauty queen may stand in a peaceful eternity on her native soil. Her name untarnished and her bank account running over, she should have a good time for the balance.