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¨The Children Will Rise UP,¨: Children Use Rock & Roll to Protest Climate Change

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

October, 2021

For all generations of creatures, the children’s voices will be heard and today Rock is the medium.

Rage against the machine is back In a new form.

Keep Rising and great actions to take below.

Repost from @nandi_bushell I am so proud of myself and Roman Morello @romanmorello1 for writing our EPIC song with @tommorello! We hope you love it and we really hope our song helps raise awareness for climate change!

After learning about climate change at school I wanted to help make a difference.

I wanted to write a song about how I felt about climate change and asked Tom Morello and his son Roman Morello to collaborate with me. Once Roman and I had written the song we asked @jackblack and @gretathunberg if they would like to be in the music video! They loved our song and wanted to join us in raising awareness for climate change!

In collaboration with Fridays For Future Brazil and England, branches of the global youth climate movement started by Greta Thunberg, all proceeds from 'The Children Will Rise Up' will be donated to the nonprofit organisation 'The SOS Pantanal Institute' - 'Help Pantanal' @sospantanal @fridaysforfuture @fridaysforfuturebrasil

We need to act now! Rise Up! Protest! Be Loving, Be Peaceful, Be Respectful, Be Sensible but BE POWERFUL!!!

Thank you Daddy, for making this music video.

Thank you Tom and Roman for writing a song with me. Thank you Jack and Greta for being in our music video. Thank you to everyone who has helped us release the song.

Thank you to Chad Blakely for creating and donating the awesome cover artwork! @blakely737

Thank you to Roland, when my Daddy’s laptop was stolen, @roland.artists replaced it to help him finish the music video. (Jamie you are awesome).


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