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Children protesting inaction on climate change, across the globe

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 Children participate in protests over climate change inaction because they, like many of their parents, are also anxious about their future on a planet that is getting hotter all the time, and they share their parents’ anger and many feel angry and concerned even though their parents are not. As 2019 came to a close, more than 4 million young people including children came out to demand action on climate change on every continent.

In Berlin alone in September of 2019, the police estimated 100,000 participants, with similar numbers in Melbourne and London. In New York City 60,000 people marched through the narrow streets of Lower Manhattan, while organizers put the total at 250,000, including mostly families with children. By the dozens in some places, and by the tens of thousands in others, young people demonstrated in cities all over, places such as Manila, Kampala and Rio de Janeiro. A group of scientists even had their own rally in Antarctica.


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