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UK Climate Change Activists Extinction Rebellion adopt tactics of disruption from Hong Kong protests

Updated: Sep 30, 2021 Increasing attention is being paid to the way in which climate change protestors in the UK are learning from protestors in Hong Kong, with respect to technique, tactics, and strategy. A new, non-violent wave of rebellion by disruption is sweeping the UK and the police have to scramble to adapt to these new forms of rebellion, as did their counterparts in Hong Kong. This is also true of the protests in Australia and the use of these tactics of disruption is rapidly spreading around the world.

Items as easily acquired as bike locks and cable ties become effective weapons of protest when used in sync with street barricades to wreak havoc on transit. As the new year 2020 rang in, climate change activists with Extinction Rebellion in the lead have begun an “International Rebellion” across 60 cities around the world declaring a climate emergency.

Increasingly, protestors are supergluing themselves to infrastructure and causing major havoc during the busiest hours of the day with many hundreds being arrested in the UK alone and thousands on a global level. Activists meet in secret locations for practice sessions before deploying to the streets.


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