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Victory in Chile, Drafting a New, More Egalitarian Constitution

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 10/26/2020: Chile kicked off a year of protest in October of 2019, ushering in the devastating year of 2020, continuing to lead as global rebels, leaders who are showing us how protest can have a happy ending in victory and the authentic realization of greater justice for the masses, the majority, the marginalized, desenfranchised and those excluded from participating in the fullest level of opportunity that Chile has to offer. It was put to a vote and those who wanted to re-write the current constitution dating from the Pinochet years, have one the day. The celebration was mammoth and joyous, as is the triumph itself in the march towards greater eguality, a more just and generous distribution of the goods of society, services, education, and all of the perks that determine the extent to which one is able to defend, fight for his or her postion on a competitive social ladder. The Plaza Dignidad, so renamed in honor of the first protests of one year ago, the beginning of the triumph, is full of happiness and joy now that progress, if not justice itself, is being achieved, filling Chileans with hope for a democracy that is more authentic and meaningful than ever before.