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Child Protest in the Age of Coronavirus and Climate Change

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 For a variety of reasons, the last 10 years are often referred to as the “decade of discontent” fueling protests around the world. Increasingly, children are assuming promient roles and this is especially true with respect to protest calling for action on climate change. Both the protests themselves and the increasing levels of participation by children alongside their family members is likely to continue. At the core of concern, of course, is the safety of the children. The fact that children are less vulnerable than older people to the now pervasive COVID-19 is likely to put greater focus on their role in the future.

Alongside the ebb and flow of regime change, political squabbles, and class warfare that typifies human nature in its political expression, looms climate change and most recently the Coronavirus. Climate change protest occurs alongside protest driven by other factors, often forming part of the fabric of large, multiple-issue protests. Nevertheless, increasingly, climate change activists led by such pioneers as Extinction Rebellion, are at the forefront of radical structural change to bring about economic redistribution, environmental regulation, and greater levels of equality and social justice: at the same time that we save our planetary home for everyone, our future. All of this, of course, depends on the world first defeating the Coronavirus. Children inclined to protest injustice are increasingly doing so online, and in large numbers, taking advantage of a certain reprieve from their brick-and-mortar school work.


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