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Women Fight the Police Across America, as Feds Pull Out of Portland

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 First Days of August 2020: On both Left and Right, from Antimaskers to BLM, women are increasingly noted as especially vocal and even violent in the defense of protesters.

Seattle, Los Angeles, Oakland, La Mesa, and several other areas of California, Austin, TX, Albuquerque NM, Atlanta GA, Richmond VA, Rockford, IL, and Albany NY, all rise in defense of Portland and turn their rage of the police. Trump's Gestapo tactics in Portland, an uninvited assault on an urban population backfired. While suppossedly these Trump Troops are being pulled out of Portland or are already gone, they were successful at uniting sometimes violent protest across the country, aimed mostly at the police. Notably, a close observation of numerous videos shows a number of women attacking the police with their bare hands seeking to prevent the arrests of other protesters. Themselves ending up getting arrested, of course, being the result, the best analogy I can think of is that of the Mother Bear. These American women of all colors are fighting to the death, if necessary, to protet their fellow protesters, as if those protesters where their own offspring, their cubs. This was especially notable in LA.