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Africa Kneels for George Floyd, Protests across the Continent against Police Brutality

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 June-July, 2020. When a poor black man struggling to make a living was killed by a white supremacist police officer in the USA, Africa joined the world in protests, demonstrations, marches, sit-ins, in sympathy and solidarity with not only his family, but his race and social class - black, and poor. Image on Left from a demonstration of solidarity in South Africa.

Kenya also distinguished itself in the recognition of George Floyd and the movement that it inspired.

In Liberia, protesters marched to the powerful American Embassy to register their dissatisfaction and condemnation of the killing of George Floyd and in favor of Black Lives Matter. West Africans are noted for their love for the USA and Europe so this came as a surprise to some. But why should we Africans complain? We go to these rich countries for work, education, work, not to change the system. But, all too often African leaders educated in the West turn their backs on the goals of national development and think more about their own self-development and enrichment, usually leaving Africa once that they are out of office.

The system is flawed in both Africa and America to which Africans are becoming increasingly aware. Brain drain keeps us down, with young Africans - our best and brightest deciding to not return to Africa to contribute to our national development here at home.


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