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Detained Children Infected with Coronavirus Confirmed by Government in America's Dentention Centers

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 As of April 16, 2020 there were eight cases of Coronavirus confirmed by the federal government among the detained immigrant population of Arizona. Numerous citizens of Guatemala have been deported to Guatemala after testing positive for the virus. Nationwide, there are now 72 cases that have been confirmed in ICE detention centers. The government does not provide us with any further information, only the number of infected. We do not know their ages, some could be minors, or soon will be if not already. Old people should be released immediately. Children, many already sick from other conditions, and already traumatized by being separated from their parents, will also have this to deal with physically, emotionally, psychologically, with the support only of those other children that share their cell. A leaked video taken about one year ago is the only one that we have of children inside a detention facility.



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