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Philadelphia Hands Election to Trump? Law and Order Candidate, Deception, Loss, 1972 Repeat Feared

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 10/29/2020: The press is reporting two to three nights of rioting in response to the killing of a young black man by white police officers, Walter Wallace Jr., in Philadelphia. He is alleged to have had a knife in his hand; told to drop it, he failed to do so. The protest seems to have taken place based on the assumption that this level of lethal force was not justified, under these circumstances, especially taking into account the fact that the individual’s family members who were present on the scene had made it very clear to police, that this individual was mentally ill.

Clearly, in Philadelphia as elsewhere, America has a problem with police brutality that is grounded in a national history that includes and even glorifies racism and police violence against people of color. But, especially given the fact that the individual in question was lunging at officers at the time of his killing, with what appears to be a knife in his hand, this might have not been the best time to loot on national television. The looters going out every night for new HD TVs at Walmart, along with Nike shoes, could cost us the election, giving us 4 more years of the Law and Order President, a similar kind of nightmare as what happened with the victorious Law and Order candidate in 1972, Nixon, the Republican self-styled hawk running for reelection. Nixon, however, was sane. Our current scenario is much more dangerous.

Please, BLM Philadelphia, we beg you, do what you can to rein in your zealots, those who are more excited by flat screen TVs than racial justice, their priority focus on looting is has already been all too well noted and this could not happen at a worse time. Looting is not peaceful protest, and it makes the rioters - and by extension BL M generally speaking - look bad, very bad. Just as Trump scrambles right now to get the Law and Order votes of those TV watchers, nationwide, who see images of looters in Philadelphia looting several times a day, providing the best argument possible to forgive the President his sins and stupidity, cross on's fingers, and do what has always been done, give the police more money, more power, and more impunity.


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