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Trump Taken to Underground Bunker, at least 60 Secret Service members injured. George Floyd!

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 May 30, 2020: A battle is being waged for the soul of America, outside the White House. Last night was a victory and the man, the powers that be, the Right was running scared from America's rage. Now, tonight, June 1, has been pronounced Maga night at the White House, with the President's supports receiving a personal invite to come and join the fray. From New York to California, according to Donald J. Trump, the Far Left, with Antifa just declared a terrorist organization, is using Antifa tactics to spread destruction that has nothing to do with police brutality or George Floyd, and reflects a simple desire to destroy property and create chaos. It appears to this writer that we are going to have plenty to blog about in coming days, weeks, months. The pot is boiling. Time to leave the house with a good mask and face shield, rubber gloves, and let America know whose side you are on! Are you on the side of Trump? Or do you stand with George Floyd?


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