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Thanks to Michael X for Serving as Moderator of our Facebook Group 'Protest Blog'

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Michael's role as moderator is especially important to Protest 2020 as a result of him being one of the few if only original members whose political/social opinion generally falls somewhere right of center. This will help to keep us, the majority who tend Left to varying degrees, honest and on our toes. The debates surrounding protesters in the lead up to the elections in November 2020 is going to get ugly. Us anti-Trumpsters will have to remember to keep things civil. Thanks for coming on board Michael X!

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Jun 29, 2020

Studies show a marked disinterest or attraction among single women for a single man who uploads photos of his cat. While this may seem counterintuitive at first, assuming that women are looking for a loving, attentive man, oy makes more sense when you realize that she does not want to compete with your cat. She wants you to love 'her' cat. Thus, it would seem likely that Michael X, who of course knows all this full well, is married.

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