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Bernie Bros Burning Down the House: Time for Sanders and Universal Health Care

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 From one coast of the USA to the other, there are protests and riots against police brutality. In New York, all of the trouble makers are said to be “outsiders.” In Minnesota, the governor says that all of those arrested are from outside Minnesota. In California, the trouble makers are said to come from somewhere else as well. Who are these “outsiders?”

What is being missed by the “forces of law and order” in the USA, from the perspective of Protest2020, is the realization that the people burning America down are neither criminals nor outsiders. Those protesting police brutality and murder in America these days are not from somewhere else, the vast majority are not looters, and not all are black activists. If you want to know who is behind the protests in America these days, I will tell you, it is us, people like me, in short, the Bernie Bros, those who wanted to see Bernie as the next president along with those who are sympathetic to his message. America is in the process of basically disenfranchising one-third (at least) of Americans, those that wanted change, not more Biden bending over to the powers that be, but an authentic restructuring of our economic and political structures such a way as to make them more egalitarian and inclusive. Our voice has been snuffed out by shady backroom dealings leaving us, frankly, quite pissed off.

We are in deep shit country and things seem to be getting worse all of the time, maybe America should try something new since the status quo does not seem to be working.


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