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Germany says no thanks to cancer. Europeans against the killer pesticide Glyphosate

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 Germany says no to cancer. Following the USA’s recent reversal of the ban of Glyphosate, the cancer-causing pesticide fabricated and distributed by Monsanto (now Bayer), an ingredient in the pesticide Roundup, protests against Glyphosate and Monsanto/Bayer broke out first in Germany and then across Europe in the early part of February, 2020.

The most famous of the Europeans aggressively protesting against Glyphosate are two German beekeepers, Sebastian and Camille Seusing, who dumped a bucket of honey on the steps of Germany’s Agriculture Ministry. They claim that it is contaminated with high levels of Glyphosate that sprayed onto fields near their agriculture business in Brandenburg state, near Berlin, forcing them to destroy 4 tons of honey, losing about 60,000 euros and endangering their livelihoods.

This bucket of honey made international headlines around the world. Seldom do 2 people have such a global impact, and they were not even arrested. Germany is a civilized place these days, thus there is great opportunity for non-violent protest to meet with success.