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Honk for Justice! Protesters Use their Cars in the Age of Coronavirus

Updated: Nov 19, 2021 On every continent, people are at least beginning to protest in cars, as a response to public and personal safety concerns, limitations of movement, mostly the sheer dread of infection with the Coronavirus. In the US and Europe, protesting with one’s car has become the new norm, in addition to or in support of protest online. The issues that gave rise to widespread protest before the age of COVID-19, however, remain, with many of those issues exacerbated still further by the toll of the virus on many fronts, not least of which is economic.

Protesters against the practice of holding migrant children in detention facilities, without their parents, in particular, have recently been making good use of their vehicles in order to get their point across. Protest against this practice was already mainstream, with large swaths of the American demographic horrified – even before the pandemic. Now, adding insult to injury, rubbing salt into a wound, those Americans who feel this injustice especially deeply, many of them older and vulnerable to the virus, find that they can still express their indignity and reject this policy from the relatively safe position of behind the horn of their car. We laud their efforts.